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The following section contains a list of the concepts grouped by knowledge area, for which quotes are available from various source. Just click on the link to jump to the corresponding post with the quotes.

Business Intelligence
Graphics, Indicators, Measures/Metrics, Measurement Reporting,
Data Management
Data Quality, Numeracy
Data Science
Accuracy, Analogy, Analysis, Approximation, Artificial Intelligence, Assumptions, Bayesian Networks, Bias, Big Data, Causality, Certainty, Change, Classification, Clustering, Coincidence, Conjecture, Constraints, Common Sense, Complexity, Computation, Context, Control, Correlation, Data, Data Analysis, Data Collection, Data Models, Data Scientists, Data Storytelling, Data Mining, Data Products, Data Science, Data Visualization, Datasets, Decision Trees, Deduction, Definitions, Dimensionality, Discovery, Errors, Errors in Statistics, Estimation, Events, Experience, Facts, Features, Generalization, Graphs, Hypothesis, Hypothesis Testing, Independence, Induction, Inference, Information, Insight, Intuition, Invariance, Laws, Machine Learning, Measurement, Method, Missing Data, Models, Noise, Null Hypothesis, Observation, Outliers, Overfitting, Parameters, Patterns, Phenomena, Precision, Prediction, Principles, Probability, Randomness, Regression, Regularities, Relations, Sampling, Science, Significance, Simplicity, Statistical Modeling, Statisticians, Statistics, Statistics', Statistics' Usage Scientific Method, Signals, Storytelling, Testing, Time Series, Underfitting, Users, Variability, Variables, Variance, Variation,
Data Warehousing
Database (I, II), Database Design, Database Management Systems
Accountability, Authority, Control, Delegation, Responsibility
Graphical Representation
Chart, Infographic, Maps
Information Security
Automation, Computers, Computer Science, Computing, Machines
Knowledge Management
Information Overload Knowledge,
Operations Management
Operations Research
Performance Management
Efficiency, Learning, Mastery, Measurement, Performance, Productivity, Skills, Teams, Teams [Sports], Training
Process Management
Process Reengineering
Project Management
Estimation, Laws, Project Failure, Project Management (I, II), Quality
Quality Management
Software Engineering
Architecture, Conceptual Models, Design, Design Pattern, Documentation, Engineering, Object-Oriented Programming (OOP), Patterns, Programing, Programing Languages, Programmers, Prototyping, Simplicity vs Complexity, Software Engineering, Users
Software Quality Assurance
Quality Assurance (QA)
Strategic Management
Cause   Effect , Communication, Competitive Advantage, Culture, Decision Making, Decision Trees, Decision-Making, Enterprise Architecture, Enterprise Engineering, Goals, Information, Leadership, Leadership vs. Management, Management, Managers, Mission, Objectives, Opportunity, Policy, Problems, Strategic Planning, Strategic Thinking, Strategy, Tactics, The Art of War, Values, Vision,
Systems Engineering
Attractors, Behavior, Causality, Change, Coherence, Complex Systems, Complexity, Control, Cybernetics, Design Patterns, Ecology, Emergence, Entropy, Environment, Equilibrium, Exponential Growth, Feedback, Feedback Loop, Features, Feedback, Goals, Information Theory, Methodology, Nonlinearity, Optimization, Parameters, Perturbation, Prediction, Processes, Randomness, Self-Organization, Sensitivity, Stability, Storytelling, Structure, Symmetry, Synergy, Systems Engineering, Systems Theory, Systems Thinking
A Stafford Beer, Abraham Kaplan, Alan J Perlis, Alan M Turing, Albert Einstein, Alberto Cairo, Alistair Cockburn, Amit Ray, Andrew S Grove, Boris Beizer, Bruce Henderson, C Anthony R Hoare, C West Churchman, Cathy O'Neil, Carl von Clausewitz, Carlos Gershenson, Charles A R Hoare, Chester I Barnard, Dale E Zand, Daniel J Levitin, Darell Huff, David S Salsburg, Donald E Knuth, Donald J Wheeler, Donella H Meadows, Douglas McGregor, Edsger W Dijkstra, Edward R Tufte, Edward Yourdon, Ely Devons, Ernest Dale, Foster Provost, Frederick Mosteller, Frederick P Brooks, Fritjof Capra, George B Dantzig, George Siemens, Grady Booch, Harold Geneen, Henry Mintzberg, Herbert A Simon, Ian Sommerville, Jacques Bertin, James D Mooney, James L Hayes, James Surowiecki, Joel Best, Joel Katz, John D Kelleher, John D Sterman, John H Holland, John Naisbitt, Joseph M Juran, Joseph Weizenbaum, Judea Pearl, Karl E Weick, Kenichi Ohmae, Kenneth E Boulding, Kenneth E Iverson, Kent Beck, Kevin Kelly, Lawrence K Samuels, Malcolm Gladwell, Margaret Y Chu, Martin Fowler, Matthew Kirk, Marvin Minsky, Michael E Porter, Michael M Hammer, Nathan Yau, Pedro Domingos, Paul Cilliers, Peter Coad, Peter F Drucker, Peter M Senge, Philip Kotler, Ray Kurzweil, Rebecca Wirfs-Brock, Richard L Daft, Richard Rumelt, Richard W Hamming, Robert C Martin, Robert Grant, Robert Heller, Robert S Kaplan, Ronald A Fisher, Russell L Ackoff, Stephen Covey, Stephen Few, Stephen G Haines, Steve C McConnell, Tim Berners-Lee, Tom DeMarco, Warren G Bennis

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