04 October 2014

Performance Management: Mentoring (Definitions)

 "A technique used to help less skilled or experienced people learn from more experienced people. The mentor is the experienced person and the protégé is the person who is guided. A product manager will benefit throughout his or her career by establishing relationships with others deemed to have a comprehensive set of skills and experiences." (Steven Haines, "The Product Manager's Desk Reference", 2008)

"The process of transferring the lessons of greater experience in a workforce competency to improve the capability of other individuals or workgroups." (Sally A Miller et al, "People CMM: A Framework for Human Capital Management" 2nd Ed., 2009)

"The offering of experience, emotional support, and guidance by an experienced person to a less experienced person." (Joan C Dessinger, "Fundamentals of Performance Improvement" 3rd Ed., 2012)

"An opportunity for a more experienced person to impart knowledge and expertise to a less experienced person." (Sally-Anne Pitt, "Internal Audit Quality", 2014)

"The helping of an employee in formulating her future plans beyond the present role by someone higher in the organization." (Fred MacKenzie, "7 Paths to Managerial Leadership", 2016)

"Provides access to knowledge and experience within a supportive professional relationship. A mentor is usually at a more advanced career stage than the person being mentored." (Christina Lovelock & Debra Paul, "Delivering Business Analysis: The BA Service handbook", 2019)

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