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The following section contains a list of the concepts grouped by knowledge area, for which definitions are available from various source. Just click on the link to jump to the corresponding post with the definitions. The definitions are provided as they were given in the referenced sources, independently on whether they reflect entirely concept's definition.

Business Intelligence
Business Intelligence (BI), Dashboards, Decision Support System (DSS), Key Performance Indicator (KPI), Lagging Indicator, Measurement, Measures, Metric, Report Snapshot, Reporting, Scorecards, Self-Service BI (SSBI), Single Version of the Truth (SVoT), Trend Analysis
Data Management
Accessibility, Availability, Audit Trail, Business Rules, Completeness, Data Architecture, Data Asset, Data Cleaning/Cleansing, Data Collection, Data Compression, Data Dictionary, Data Discovery, Data Element, Data Flow, Data Governance (DG), Data Integration, Data Life Cycle, Data Lineage, Data Literacy, Data Management (DM), Data Mapping, Data Matching, Data Migration, Data Protection, Data Quality (DQ), Data Quality Management (DQM), Data Scrubbing, Data Security, Data Sharing, Data Steward, Data Stewardship, Data Strategy, Data Structure, Data Validation, Data Virtualization, Dirty Data, Encryption, Information, Master Data, Master Data Management (MDM), Metadata, Missing Data, Reference Data, System of Record (SoR), Timeliness, Transactional Data, Validity
Data Science
Abstraction, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Artificial Neural Network (ANN), Backpropagation, Bayesian Network, Big Data, Boltzmann Machine, Business Analytics (BA), Classification, Clustering, Cluster Analysis, Correlation, Cross-validation, Data, Dataset, Data Analysis, Data Exploration, Data Mining (DM), Data Model, Data Modeling, Data Pipeline/Pipelining, Data Preparation, Data Processing, Data Product, Data Profiling, Data Science, Data Standardization, Data Storytelling, Data Visualization, Decision Tree, Deep Learning, Delphi Method, Descriptive Analytics, Exploratory Data Analysis, Forecast/Forecasting, Fractal, Fuzzy Logic, Fuzzy Set, Generative Adversarial Network (GAN), Genetic Algorithms (GA), Graph, Hash, Hash Function, Hashing, Hadoop, Heuristic, Inference, K-Means Algorithm, Linear Regression, Logistic Regression, Machine Learning (ML), MapReduce, Markov Process, Mathematical Model, Mathematical Modeling, Meta-Analysis, Metamodel, Models, Monte Carlo Simulation, Multilayer Perceptron, Natural Language Processing (NLP), Neural Networks (NN), Neuron, Normal Distribution, Overfitting, Pattern Recognition, Perceptron, Precision, Predictive Analytics, Prescriptive Analytics, Regression Analysis, Self-Organizing Map (SOM), Semantic Network, Semantics, Semi-Structured Data, Semi-supervised Learning, Sensitivity Analysis, Simulation, Simulation Model (Definitions), Standard Deviation, Structured Data, Supervised Learning, Support Vector Machines (SVM), Swarm Intelligence (SI), Text Analytics, Text Mining, Time Series, Training, Training Set/Dataset, Type I Error, Type II Error, Unstructured Data, Unsupervised Learning, Validity, Variance
Data Warehousing
Aggregation, Conformed Dimension, Control Flow, Cube, Data Lake, Data Mart (DM), Data Transformation, Data Warehouse (DWH), Data Warehousing (DW), Dimension, Dimension Hierarchy, Dimension Table, Drill Down, Extraction, transformation, and loadin (ETL), Fact Table, Granularity, Operational Data Store (ODS), Pivot/Unpivot, Roll/Drill Up, Snowflake Schema, Staging Area, Star Schema
Ad-hoc Query, Aggregate Data, Aggregate Function, Alternate Key, Atomic, Atomicity, Attribute, Authentication, Backup, Balanced Tree, Bitmap Index/Indexing, Candidate Key, Cardinality, Change Data Capture (CDC), Checkpoint, CLR stored procedure, Clustered Index, Clustering, Column, Composite Index, Composite Key, Computed Column, Concatenation, Conceptual Data Model, Concurrency Control, Constraints, Correlated Subquery, Create/Read/Updatem/Delete (CRUD), Cursors, Data Control Language (DCL), Data definition, Data Definition Language (DDL), Data Independence, Data Integrity, Data Modeling, Data Models, Data Replication, Data Source, Data Synchronization, Data Type, Database, Database Administrator (DBA), Database Catalog, Database Design, Database Object, Deadlocks, Denormalization, Deterministic Function, Differential Backup, Disaster Recovery, Distributed Database, Domain Integrity, Dynamic SQL, Entities, Entity Integrity, Entity Relationship Diagram (ERD), Entity-Relationship Model (ERM), Equijoin, Exclusive Locks, Extended Stored Procedure, Extent, Federated Database, Fifth Normal Form, Fill Factor, First Normal Form, Flat File, Foreign Key (FK), Foreign Key Constraint, Fourth Normal Form, Fragmentation, Function, Functional Dependency, Full Backup, Graph Database, Hash Index, Hash Joins, Hash Table, Incremental Backup, Index Selectivity, Indexes, Intent Lock, Joins, Key, Latency, Linked Server, Lock Granularity, Lock/Locking, Logical Design, Many-to-Many Relationship, Materialized View, Merge Replication, Metadata Repository, Multidimensional Database, Network Model, Non-Clustered Index (NCI), Nondeterministic Function, Normalization, NoSQL, NULL, Object, Object Permissions, One-to-Many Relationship, One-to-One Relationship, Online Analytical Processing (OLAP), Online Transaction Processing (OLTP), Open Database Connectivity (ODBC), Operational Database, Partitioning, Pass-Through Query, Performance Baseline, Permissions, Physical Data Model, Physical Design, Precision, Primary Key, Privilege, Query, Query Optimizer, Query Plan, Record, Recursion, Redundancy, Referential Integrity, Relational Database, Relational Database Management System (RDBMS), Relational Model, Relationship, Remote Stored Procedure, Restore, Role, Roll Back, Roll Forward, Rollback, Row, Savepoint, Scalar Aggregate, Schemas, Second Normal Form, Semantic Data Model, Session, Shared Lock, Snapshot, SQL Injection, Snapshot Replication, Static SQL, Statistics, Stored Procedures, Structured Query Language (SQL), Subquery, Surrogate Key, System Stored Procedure, Table Scan, Table-Valued Functions, Tables, Third Normal Form, Throughput, Trace, Transaction Log Backup, Transaction Log File, Transactional Replication, Transactions, Trigger, Two-Phase Commit (2PC), Unique Index, User-defined Functions (UDF), Views, XQuery
Accountability, Authority, Compliance, Criteria, Enterprise Risk Management, Guideline, Policy, Standard
Graphical Representation
Bar Chart, Causal Loop Diagrams, Cause-Effect Diagram, Flow Chart, Gantt Chart, Histogram, Infographic, Mind Map, Pareto Chart/Diagram, PERT Chart, Tree
Global Supply Chain Management (GSCM)
Kanban, Supply Chain, Supply Chain Management
Information Security (IS)
Access Control, Access Control Lists (ACL), Access Control Model, Advanced Persistent Threat (ATP), Asymmetric Encryption, Attack Surface, Brute-Force Attack, Certificate, Countermeasure, Cryptanalysis, Cryptography, Cryptosystem, Cyberattack, Cybercrime, Data Breach, Data Leak/Loss Prevention, Data Loss Prevention, Data Privacy, Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS), Denial of Service (DoS), Digital Signature, Exploit, Firewall, Privacy, Public-key Cryptography, Security Policy, SQL Injection Attack, Threat Trojan Horse, Vulnerability,
Information Technology (IT)
Artifact, Asset, Asynchronous, Authentication, Authorization, Automation, Best Practices, Blockchain, Change Management (CM), Cloud, Cluster/Clustering, Component Object Model (COM), Configuration Management, Crowdsourcing, Data Models, Efficiency, Expert System, Extranet, False Negative, Firmware, Gateway, Grid Computing, Information Security (IS), Information System (IS), Internet of Things (IoT), Information Technology Information Library, Interprocess Communication, Intranet, IT Governance (ITG), Legacy System, Localization, Management Information System (MIS), Network, Peer-to-Peer Network, Platform, Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS), Product Information Management, Redundant Array of Independent Disks (RAID), Search Engine Optimisation, Service Level Agreement (SLA), Social Engineering, Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), Standardization, Subject Matter Expert (SME), System, Transmission Control Protocol/ Internet Protocol (TCP/IP), Virtual Machine, Virtualization, Web 2.0
Knowledge Management
Cognitive Map, Concept Map, Conceptual Model, Explicit Knowledge, Knowledge, Knowledge Management (KM), Mental Model, Ontology, Tacit Knowledge, Taxonomy
Abstraction, Aggregation, Attribute, Class, Class Diagram, Contract, Encapsulation, Function, Generalization, Inheritance, Instance, Interface, Method, Object, Polymorphism, Subclass, Visibility
Performance Management
Brainstorming, Critical Thinking, Emotional Intelligence, Feedback, Mentoring, Organizational Learning, Pareto Principle, Performance Management, Practice, Training
Process Management
Maturity Model, Affinity Diagram, Baseline, Business Process Management (BPM), Business Process Modeling (BPM), Business Process Outsourcing (BPO), Business Processes, Control Charts, Cycle Time, Defined Process, Just in Time, Plan-Do-Check-Act (PDCA), Procedures, Process Improvement, Process Map, Process Model, Process Owner, Processes, Process Reengineering, Roles, Six Sigma, Statistical Process Control, Workflow
Project Management (PM)
Acceptance Criteria, Assumptions, Backlog, Business Case, Change Control, Change Control Board (CCB), Corrective Action, Cost Performance Index, Deliverables, Fast-Tracking, Lessons Learned, Methodology, Performance [Measurement] Baseline, Products, Program, Program Evaluation and Review Technique (PERT), Project, Project Charter, Project Governance, Project Life Cycle, Project Management (PM), Project Manager (PM), Project Plan, Project Risk, Project Scope, RACI Matrix, Residual Risk, Risk Assessment, Schedule, Scope Creep, Scrum, Variance, Work Breakdown Structure (WBS), Work Package
Software Engineering (SE)
Accessibility, Array, Array, Assembly, Assertion, BLOB, Black-Box Testing, Block, Component Model, Design Review, Exception, Framework, Pair Programming, Agile Development, Algorithm, Analysis, Analysis, Application Programming Interface (API), Architecture, Architecture Principles, Arity, Audit, Baseline, Black Box, Complexity, Component, Conceptual Models, Data/Information Hiding, Deployment, Design, Design Pattern, DevOps, Error, eXtreme Programming, Failover, Failure, Failure Modes & Effects Analysis (FMEA), Fault Tolerance, Feature, Functional Requirement (FR), Granularity, Implementation, Inspection, Interface, Interoperability, Maintainability, Markup Language, Mashup, Middleware, Multithreading, Nonfunctional Requirement (NFR), Object-Oriented Design, Open Source, Peer Review, Penetration Testing, Protocol, Prototype, Quality, Quality Control (QC), Quality Function Deployment (QFD), Rapid Application Development (RAD), Rational Unified Process (RUP), Refactoring, Regression Testing, Reliability, Requirements Traceability Matrix, Resilience, Reverse Engineering, Review, Scalability, Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA), Service Choreography, Service Orchestration, Simple Object Access Protocol, Six Sigma, Software Engineering, Specification, Stress Testing, Test Plan, Testing, Thread, , Trustworthiness, Usability, Use Case, User Story, Validation, Waterfall Development Web Service(s), White-Box Test/Testing
SQL Server
Application Role, Filegroup, Fixed Database Role, Full-Text Catalog, Full-Text Index, Model Database, Procedure Cache, Server Role
Mean, Median, Moving Average
Strategic Management
Assessment, Asset, Assumption, Assurance, Balanced Scorecard, Benchmarking, Benefit, Business Continuity, Business Continuity Plan (BCP), Business Impact Analysis (BIA), Business Model, Business Strategy, Capability, Churn, Control, Corporate Governance, Corporate Strategy, Cost-Benefit Analysis, Critical Success Factor, Culture, Decision-Making, Disaster Recovery, Disaster Recovery Plan, Goals, Governance, Management, Methodology, Mission, Objectives, Principles, Recovery Time Objective, Resilience, Risk, Risk Analysis, Risk Assessment, Risk Management, Risk Matrix, Risk Register, Risk Transfer/Transference, Roadmap, Stakeholder, Strategic Planning, Strategy, SWOT Analysis, Tactics, Value Chain, Value Proposition, Value Stream, Value Stream Mapping, Vision
Systems Engineering
Agent-Based Model/Modeling, Bifurcation, Bounded Rationality, Cellular Automata, Chaos, Cybernetics, Entropy, System, Systems Dynamics, Systems Theory, Systems Thinking
World Wide Web (W3)
Cyberspace, Extensible Markup Language (XML), Semantic Web, Resource Description Framework (RDF)

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