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Thursday, September 13, 2007

My first introduction in XML on SQL Server 2005 That's the work I did for a homework at school (still studying, hoping to finish my Masters degree). Sorry, I have only short comments for it, hopefully will be helpful for somebody! /*creating a table for demonstration purposes ID - identity field Books - XML document where the tables are stored */ CREATE TABLE XMLBooks( ID int IDENTITY(1,1) PRIMARY KEY , Books XML) /*dropping the table */ --DROP TABLE XMLBooks /* inserting a record - an XML document containing one book*/ INSERT INTO XMLBooks VALUES ('<books> <book id="1" language="EN"> <title>Inside SQL Server 2005 Tools</title> <authors> <author>Michael Raheem</author> <author>Dima Sonkin</author> <author>Thierry D''Hers</author> <author>Kami LeMonds</author> </authors> <year>2006</year> <publisher>Addison Wesley</publisher> <price></price> <pages>816</pages> <isbn10>0-321-39796-7</isbn10> <isbn13>978-0-321-39796-6</isbn13> </book> </books>') /* inserting a record - an XML document containing three books*/ INSERT INTO XMLBooks VALUES ('<books> <book id="2" language="EN"> <title>Core C# and .NET</title> <authors> <author>Stephen C. Perry</author> </authors> <year>2005</year> <publisher>Prentice Hall</publisher> <price></price> <pages>1008</pages> <isbn10>0-13-147227-5</isbn10> <isbn13></isbn13> </book> <book id="3" language="EN"> <title> Microsoft SQL Server 2005</title> <authors> <author>Andrew J. Brust</author> <author>Stephen Forte</author> </authors> <year>2006</year> <publisher>Microsoft Press</publisher> <price></price> <pages>600</pages> <isbn10>0-7356-1923-9</isbn10> <isbn13>978-0-7356-1923-4</isbn13> </book> <book id="4" language="EN"> <title>MCAD/MCSD: Visual Basic .NET XML Web Services and Server Components Study Guide</title> <authors> <author>Pamela Fanstill</author> <author>Brian Reisman </author> <author>Mitch Ruebush</author> </authors> <year>2003</year> <publisher>Sybex</publisher> <price></price> <pages>598</pages> <isbn10>0-7821-4193-5</isbn10> <isbn13></isbn13> </book> </books>') /* a classical SELECT */ SELECT * FROM XMLBooks /* a first XML falvoured query*/ SELECT Books.query('/.') FROM XMLBooks /* selecting an element's content*/ SELECT Books.query('//book[@id=1]/title/text()') FROM XMLBooks /* selecting an element's content*/ SELECT Books.value('data(//book[@id=1]/title/)','varchar(250)') FROM XMLBooks Msg 2256, Level 16, State 1, Line 2 XQuery [XMLBooks.Books.value()]: Syntax error near ')', expected a "node test". /* selecting an element's content*/ SELECT Books.value('data((//book[@id=1]/title)[1])','varchar(250)') FROM XMLBooks /* selecting only the occurence*/ SELECT Books.value('data((//book[@id=1]/title)[1])','varchar(250)') FROM XMLBooks WHERE Books.exist('//book[@id=1]')=1 /* updating a node by inserting a new child after an existing one */ UPDATE XMLBooks SET Books.modify(' insert Jack Daniels after (//book[@id=1]//author)[1]') /* updating a node */ UPDATE XMLBooks SET Books.modify(' insert Jack Daniels before (//book[@id=1]//author)[1]') /* deleting a child */ UPDATE XMLBooks SET Books.modify(' delete //book[@id=1]//author[1]') /* modifying an attribute */ UPDATE XMLBooks SET Books.modify(' replace value of (//book/@id)[1] with "100"') /* deleting a record */ DELETE FROM XMLBooks WHERE Books.exist('//book[@id=1]')=1 SELECT Motocross.Team.query(‘.’) AS RESULT FROM @xmlvar.nodes(‘/Motocross/Team’) Motocross(Team) SELECT Book.Athors.query('/.') AS AuthorsList FROM XMLBooks.nodes('/books/book/authors') Book(Authors)

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