07 November 2009

AdventureWorks requires FILESTREAM enabled – one year later

   I tried a few days ago to reinstall the AdventureWorks examples, I knew about the FILESTREAM issue mentioned in a previous post, though this time after I enabled FILESTREAM via Management Studio I got another error message:
     "AdeventureWorks2008 OLTP requires FILESTEAM which is not enabled for the instance you selected. FILESTREAM must be enabled BOTH via the SQL Server Configuration Manager and via Management Studio for this instance."

    I searched for the issues without any hits, then on how to install the sample and found a post on Stuart Cox’s Tech Punch blog.     I tried to set the FILESTREAM values in SQL Server Configuration Manager and didn’t worked, getting the following error message:    

"There was an unknown error applying the FILESTREAM settings. Check the parameters are valid"    

The search returned several hits but not for Vista. In the end following without success the script-based solution proposed on MSDN, I tried my luck in the register and using regedit tool I found the entry for Filestream in Software/Microsoft SQL Server/MSSQL10.MSSQLSERVER/MSSQLServer/Filestream, and changed Enabled Level to 2. Now the values in SQL Server Configuration Manager were updated and after I installed the AdeventureWorks example everything looks to be ok.

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gilles faessler said...

Thanks for the tip

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