21 February 2011

Pulling the Strings of SQL Server – TOC

    There are many books out there dealing with SQL Server string data types, basic operations performed with them, the use of various string related functions, and most of the books stop there. I learned many things from such books, though, as I had to “discover” myself some of the tricks of working with strings, I’m trying in a set of posts entitled “Pulling the Strings of SQL Server” to treat the subject from a different perspective. Here’s the TOC (Table of Contents) for it, and hopefully you’ll enjoy reading them as much I enjoyed writing them!

Part I: An Introduction (in progress)
Part II: Creation and Selection
Part III: Concatenation
Part IV: Spaces, Trimming, Length and Comparisons
Part V: Character Indexes
Part VI: Subparts of a String
Part VII
: List of Values
: Insertions and Replacements
Part IX
: Special Characters
Part X: Dynamic Queries
Part XI
: Traps of Strings
Part XII: Strings and Numeric Values
Part XIII: Rearranging Characters
Part XIV: Word Games
Part XV: CLR Library
Part XVI: More CLR Functions

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