15 May 2006

About programming...    In one of the last postings I overreacted, but the truth is somewhere between the extremities.    Many people are against Microsoft, somehow I understand them; from my point of view I like Microsoft for what they are trying to do. It's right, they like to do things in their way, I can't condemn them. From their mistakes and successes we can learn and do things better.    Each technology has its positive and negative things, programming is more about choosing the best solution for a certain job, you might call it a problem of fitness, same happens in the daily life.    I started to program long time ago, on a Spectrum console, learning the Basic language in highschool. It was fun but I didn't had the chance to do more than simple line of codes solving a problem of Mathematics or doing some primitive graphics. Comparing with what can be done now... hm... a kid might laugh and I understand that, it's normal.    After two years we started to learn Pascal, things changed a little but not dramatically especially when you work with 64 kb RAM and no HDD. Sounds impossible, isn't it?    I am not trying to make a chronology of programming languages, but after I started to learn VB and C++ things changed dramatically. Nowadays same change was brought by .Net platform. I wish I had the time to learn it the way I want and to program on a daily basis. Things are not perfect, will never be but we long for perfection.    We never know what will be but we are hoping everything will be great.    Currently I am doing more SQL scripting, it's fun sometimes, the flexibity of manipulating data it's great when data manipulations introduces you into a new way of finding information about data. What is more exciting is the new coming LINQ, which promises to overwhelm the abyss between database queries and 3GL. Things are only in inceipient phase and the promise is great.

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