08 November 2005


So, for the beginning a few links I found useful over the time: 1. www.sqlservercentral.com 2. www.sqldts.com a site mainly about DTS Packages 3. www.sswug.org even if it requires a membership it has also free article about data technologies and programming. I consider it a useful source, otherwise I do not want to pay the membership for nothing 4. www.databasejournal.com is my first source of information, it has good tutorials and articles. 5. www.fawcette.com it has resources about databases and programming, is really useful and covers a range of topics, not only Microsoft 6. www.informit.com is the first source of information about programming stuff I worked with, I watched it growing over the years. It has also a library of free books but also one of the biggest library of programming books available for reading with different memberships. SQL Server Reference Guide section could be useful. 7. www.sqljunkies.com 8. http://staff.develop.com/bobb/weblog/default.aspx Bob Beauchemin's Blog, will be moved soon so... 9. www.microsoft.com/events/series/default.mspx Microsoft webcasts about all their technologies 10. www.sqlteam.com 11. www.sqlserverdatamining.com 12. http://msdn.microsoft.com/data/Default.aspx Microsoft website about their data solutions 13. www.15seconds.com even if it has only a few information about data solution, I found it useful over time 14. www.yukonxml.com interesting website, it worth a look There are a few more websites I found useful over time, I will provide them when I will have the chance. Sometimes is useful and faster to do a search on a search engine like www.google.com or www.yahoo.com.

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